About company

"Ambra Impex" LLC is a leading trade company of agricultural products at the Black Sea region which has been doing business successfully for over eighteen years. Being a distinguished member of Ukrainian Chamber Of Commerce, we have an established organization with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction.

Our company has developed cooperation with partners all over the world. Both with foreign and Ukrainian producers of spices, cereals, dried fruits, oilseeds, citrus as well as the so-called niche crops (chickpeas, millet, flax, sorghum, etc.), that are in high demand at the export market. Among others significant activities of our company is to export crude and refined sunflower oil, crude soybean oil, sunflower and soybean crops, milk powder, maize starch, sugar beet pulp and some others.

"Ambra Impex" LLC ultimate goal is to satisfy our client’s demands, entailing a solution of such important issues as food and fodder security of countries.

The dynamic growth of our company is driven by correct strategy of development, high levels of administration, staff development and personnel management, the introduction of modern technologies, constant improvement of the product range according to the market demands.